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Hey everyone first post here.
A few years ago I painted my Yamaha R1 in the scheme of Aliens Powerloader, using the model kit of the movie replica I recreated the decals on pc and using my vinyl cutter I cut them and stuck them on my motorcycle to make it look like it belonged in the Alien Universe. I even got the motion tracker that the colonial marines use on my phone and mounted it, ill post a video at some point of a walk around with the tracker beeping.
Since then the motorcycle was sadly stolen. I have recently bought another of the same model and am rebuilding the same project. Here are some pictures. I'd love to know what you all think. And I hope i posted in the right area!
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Very, VERY nice! And if you're asking about black or chrome decal, go black. The chrome looks out of place with all those black accents.

Good luck!

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