Aliens APC 1:18 scale with interior


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While I figure out what happens with Gorman's console and build a 3d print for his chair I thought I'd print out and assemble the front turret. After a scale slip up (first print was too small) this one looks great. It has an internal pivot and will get filled, primed and smoothed later.


Before I get too far with the interior (especially those parts that interact with the ceiling/roof) I need to know where the roof will be. To that end I'm first mocking up the roof plates with 2mm card - which is the same thickness as the styrene I'll be using finally.


I've started to figure out how the roof cannon will track and swivel and sorted its scale and proportion.



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Thanks Analyser. It's at the stage where each new addition is quite encouraging. :)

Here's the 3d model of Gorman's chair (and the driver's seat). I'll be adding detail once it's printed.


..and here's a scaled down test-print. I'll assemble this and add the extra detail to it - see how it looks.


I think I'll replace some of the printed parts for styrene where appropriate - it's a lot smoother by default, so I'll use the print as a template.



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I put the seat together and it looks great. I'll change a couple of small things to help assembly but I'm happy with it. There's no point doing too much with this small one - it's just a proof of concept really. I was worried that the struts might be too fragile but they're holding up really well, and the proper ones will be larger.



I'll be able to scale off this one to get the next one just right for my 1:18 figures, then I'll print two out, fill, sand, assemble and detail.


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Thanks G0rb! The larger (1:18 scale proper) one has just finished printing. I'll get stuck into that this weekend. If it's good I'll print the other (the driver's seat).

I've just received some wonderful reference material from the guy who did the fabulous series of blueprints of the craft from the Alien franchise (including the APC). He's a fan of the build. I've already found some areas for improvement and further detailing.


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Thanks Joberg - I'm working away and will have another update soon. :)
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After testing Gorman's chair with one of my 1:18 guys - it's the correct scale but needs sizing up a little to fit them when seated so I'll get to that. In the meantime I've been doing a little more work on the exterior, concentrating on the rear ceiling and the gun track.

The main gun and its track is a major assembly that'll need a lot of work. I also need to think about how the roof will open and give access to the interior. I like how Hiya Toys have handled that - so I'll do the same!

You can see some of my working out for the track here (at left) some main gun parts (centre) and my cardboard main gun template (bottom right).



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I did a little more on the main gun and track. The track sides were measured out, drafted on paper then printed.

After modelling, the gun body had to be cut into separate assemblies to print properly - nothing looks worse or is more wasteful than lots of support material so I avoid it wherever possible. Blender is my app of choice for this - there are better ones out there but this is what I know.


..from there into Cura for print, after carefully going through the settings.


..and here's the gun and track. The gun is tacked together with double-sided tape. It'll get a 0.5mm plate styrene skin.


Definitely looking the part. :)