ALIEN vault

Just got this in the mail today after learning about it from an Amazon ad I got in e-mail. I've just flipped through at and it's got allot of pics I've never seen as well as pockets that have smaller removable items like Ridley scott storyboards and the Nostromo patch drawing. But what I find interesting is there is a miniature folded copy of the Nostromo blueprints I bought of an RPF member two years ago.

The book's nice, comes in a slip cover.
If you are into Alien, you've probably already seen everything in it. The patch is incorrect as well...
I bought it and was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, if you haven't got the original "Book of the Alien" then this is a great buy. Its a good quality ,slided-in boxed hardback with envelopes that have extra items, such as prints of the space jockey, plans of the Nostromo, storyboards etc which are a nice touch.
Unfortunately I found myself comparing it with "The Book of Alien" which has ( unsurprisingly) much of the same content but scores by having more of the artwork , set designs and arguably much better photos, particularly of the models and creatures. I was also disappointed that the ALIEN itself is perhaps less well photographed here than in the original book, and there are threads out there ( Space 1999 Eagle Forum) that have far better pics and more interesting content than can be found in the Vault.
It also pulls an awful lot off the DVD's "making" of documentaries, almost story by story. It also illustrates just how many rewrites took place before the script became what it did and the bitterness that was generated between people, particularly from O'Bannon, for key additions to the story by others that really did help improve it.
I also have to admire Ridley Scott for sticking to his guns and (bravely for a first time director)fighting the studios all the way to get his vision filmed, as they were dead set against Giger,some of the key scenes and set spending overall. Again you do get the feeling from the book just how valuable it was to have such a creatively talented team assembled that really helped refine the final product into being such a SUPERB film. Ridley Scott listened, kept and threw away what didn't work and did the directors job properly.
Although there is nothing much new to the story of the filming or its mythology, this book really does give you a feel for how hard a scrap it was to elevate it into becoming the classic it is today.
There are also no real clues as to the true origin of the Alien , other than you get a pretty clear idea they wanted to take it in certain directions but couldn't afford it and were then happy to let all the alternatives die off and remain an unexplained mystery. I believe the prequel will be heavily influenced by the "excised" temple/life story though, as Ridley was very keen to get that in the first film, if he could have afforded it.
So, its a very nice book to have, but in the thirty odd years since it came out it can't really add much to the history of the film that hasn't been written about and documented before.
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My first one I had to send back due to some pages being in French!

If your an old goat and have read up on the film then nothing huge will be there for you.
But it was fun to read up again about the film like the magazines back then used to do.

Also I guess either I never heard it or didn't remember that Scott said that the critter was curling up to die in the shuttle. Ripley could have kicked back instead, or that a four day lifespan meant they could have just hung back and let it die on it's own.
It's really nice to have the opportunity to own another book about this movie. I finally got to have a look at it today. The last chapter was a big disappointment. It's called the 'ALIEN' vault, the book should have been all about the 1st movie.

They had access to Ridley Scott's script, and make use of 3 or 4 pages. Why not just reproduce the entire thing? We also have all the photos reproduced from the DVD, quotes from existing interviews and very little new material. This could have been awesome but ends up being a rehash.
There are still NO reviews on Amazon, so I'm glad I came here first. I have the original Book of Alien and Giger's ALIEN so it doesn't sound like this is worth the money.
I just got this in the mail. It's a nice little volume, though I agree with the general assessment here: nothing new. Though it was nice to see a fellow RPFer's work represented- congrats Graham!
i've been curious about this thing. i hate to hear there's not a lot of new material. the presentation looks really nice, though. i don't see why more genre classics don't have books like this. i'm sure there area lot fans in the graphic design/layout/publishing field that would jump at the opportunity to put together an official archival making-of for their fav film. i know i would.
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