ALIEN Statue cast in Bronze (1979 Movie version)


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second cast is finished. this silver-nitrate is a really nice chemical. really like the color of this patina. this one has the giger museum pose, even though it represents the movie suit, not the giger sculpt. Because I am a little bit weird with numbers on my sculptures and I will probably keep the first cast, that one is officially numer 2, cause I like even numbers more than odd... anyway this results in the second cast is now marked as number 1. HB20 is my signature and year 2020. The base is black with some bronze marbling and more classic than the first cast and gives a nice contrast to the statue. I also sanded the patina particularly away at some points on the back and the inside of the hands to imitate the latex where the paint was rubbed off.

IMG_7113 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7115 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7117 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7121 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7127 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7130 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7133 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7134 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7136 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7141 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7142 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7144 Kopie.JPG


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finished the third cast today. the stainless steel teeth worked very well. I gave this one a very deep black patina to contrast the teeth. The black color is a little bit hart to photograph but it looks very nice and so 3-dimensional.

IMG_7146 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7149 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7151 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7153 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7163 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7166 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7159 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7160 Kopie.JPG

looks a little bit brownish on the photos, but its actually really graphite black...
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The black with the silver teeth is the way to go.

both got its advantages and disadvantages. the black patine looks very nice and brings the sculpting pure to the viewer but is not really screenaccurate though. the silver-patina looks more like the suit in the movie and looks also very nice. the steel teeth are great, but also a little bit inaccurate because I´ve cut them into a big screw. the sculpted all bronze teeth come close to the original for the small size of the figures. but I already have made 4 steel teeth so there will be at least 3 more aliens with these. I ll make the next with steel teeth and silver patina.


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Thank you all for the kind words and hope you are all well.
After the hot summer month, were I was not able to work with wax at home because it was not stabile enough at this temperatures, I started sculpting the next Alien some weeks ago. It is a crouching version this time an a mix of these two promo-photos:

crouching alien.jpg

This one will have steel teeth again.

IMG_7477 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7475 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7478 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7479 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7480 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7482 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7483 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7484 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7486 Kopie.JPG


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Thank you guys! Hope all of you are fine.
I hope the crouching one will be cast next week so you can see the finished result in the next two weeks. Maybe I ll make it to cast one more this year, but not sure about it. The year is almost over though. Anyway there will be minimum two more versions with steel teeth. Next will be an order from a friends friend, who wants a pose close to the Kotobukiya ARTFX Alien, with a kind of walking attack pose.


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Had time to finish the crouching version today. The mold had a little too many cracks so I had a bit more work with this one, but this could happen anytime in bronze casting.

IMG_7488 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7499 Kopie.JPG

here's the cleaned up bronze before patina

IMG_7500 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7503 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7504 Kopie.JPG

and some quick shots of the finished one:

IMG_7508 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7509 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7510 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7517 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7518 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7519 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7520 Kopie.JPG

IMG_7521 Kopie.JPG

I'll add a white polyoxymethylene (POM) plate as base and make some more photos with better light then. The white material will give a nice reference to the promo shots from 1979.


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