ALIEN Statue cast in Bronze (1979 Movie version)


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After some time I think I am going to start another little project finally...

already made some preparations:

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Re: New Project....

right, of course this will gonna be an alien sculpt again. I am planning to do another bronze cast, but this time a little bit more realistic using these curled wire technique. The first series back in 2010/11 was completely sculpted in wax, because I wanted to cast the prototype in bronze directly and was not sure if I would do an silicone mold. This time I definitely will, so I can use other materials than wax too. Anyway most of the sculpt will be wax I guess. this is because I have some experiences wit the material. more than these oil clay though.

here s the dome so far with the white template inside.

IMG_1312.JPG.jpeg IMG_1313.JPG.jpeg IMG_1314.JPG.jpeg

the dome have a length of ca 12 cm. so this might become a little smaller figure than the first one.


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Re: New Project....

This going to be a really exciting undertaking. Do you have concept sketches of what your final Alien is going to look like, or are you kind of making it up as you go along?


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I want do a position similar to the old mpc kit package:


but if the silicone - mold / wax casting process go well, I hope do do other positions out of this master pose. made some good experiences with resculpting a wax cast before bronce cast with my first figure. the standing position is my favorite though, but the crouching alien from the promo pics is also very nice.


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just a little progress:


but I upgraded an old bronze cast of the first sculpt last weekend. this was the second cast back in 2010:

alien 2 Kopie.jpg

and here is the same figure after resculpting the dome a little bit and replacing the teeth with stainless steel teeth. not perfect but much better than before...

IMG_5676 Kopie.JPG
IMG_5681 Kopie.JPG
IMG_5668 Kopie.JPG
IMG_5675 Kopie.JPG
IMG_5686 Kopie.JPG
IMG_5664 Kopie.JPG

reminds me a lot on this picture:

tumblr_lfc28awvv01qa1o5zo1_500 Kopie.jpg
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can only make minor progress these days. hope to have more time when fall is coming. anyway the shape of the head comes closer I think. not 100% accurate because of the number of rips on the big tube... on the other hand I am satisfied of how the shape of the lower tube is working.

IMG_5726 Kopie.JPG

IMG_5727 Kopie.JPG

IMG_5728 Kopie.JPG

IMG_5731 Kopie.JPG

IMG_5733 Kopie.JPG

IMG_5734 Kopie.JPG

IMG_5735 Kopie.JPG

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