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Hey - I'm new. I'm trying to put together a Ripley costume... Something I've wanted to do for 30+ years. I found a place called Shape Ways online who sells replica pieces for the Ripley watch. Has anyone here ever had dealings with them? Are they a good company? Do they produce quality work? I was planning on getting their watch cover that goes over two Casio F-91Ws. If anyone has ordered their watch pieces does the cover piece and the orange watch band fit the F-91Ws correctly? Do they get your order to you in a timely manner? Any information would be helpful! Thanks!! On to the shoes. And flight suit. And flame thrower..... Any help would be greatly appreciated indeed!
Shapeways is a fulfilment company. They produce and ship 3D printed parts, and anyone can set up a shop on their site and upload designs. Shapeways itself designs nothing.

What that means is that Shapeways produce decent quality prints from a production perspective, though not at the lowest prices. But the accuracy of the design is entirely dependent on who designed it. Shapeways has nothing to do with that.

Since the designs posted there are from hobbyists and garage style operations they vary dramatically in quality, from accurate, well researched designs to badly designed approximations.
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