Limited Run ALIEN COVENANT patches, tshirts

Rex Talon

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Re: Alien Covenant patches, decals, tshirts

I'm sure you saw this, but there is a reference for it now.
Adam's Tested video shows the patches all laid out on the table.

@Soulinertia I was going to make the teal border version but I have not seen any reference regarding the color of the other elements besides black type.

There's another version from the trailer I may make with better ref. It appears black and white--but who knows. REF/B-W-ARCH_zpsayfjummf.jpg

Yes the gray shirt will have gray printing.

I may look into a brighter gold for the type and darker gold for other elements.

There is alot of inconsistency in their design work; extending letters on one design and not another; spacing, margins vary.


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Shirts are in and I'm pleased with the quality. Patches should be in early next week and I'll start shipping soon as I sort them.


Rex Talon

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And are you going to do a run of the patches with the black lettering and green border?
I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants a few of those.


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Patches have arrived

Patches have arrived and shipping out in orders placed. After all the back and forth with this vendor, I am pleased with the finished product. Thanks for everyone's patience!


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