Albatross D.Va - 1917 equivalent of the X-wing

If anyone is into WWI aircraft, you gotta check out the new kits from Wingnut Wings...they only do 1/32 scale and only WWI subjects. The company is a project of Sir Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings), who also has his own personal collection of 1:1 scale WWI aircraft...

Anyway, this is my attempt at their Albatross D.Va.


This detail is included in the kit - aside from the plug wires and control cables, everything else is included.




Hope y'all like it.
I HAVE to get some of their stuff. That one, the SE5, the Junkers...all gorgeous...

Some extra plugging for them: they make and sell these kits direct, the instruction books are full colour glossy books that belong on your bookshelf and the kits are engineered to go together so easily that you can build one at more or less any skill level and not stuff it up. Their philosophy is basically 'modelmaking is a dying hobby so let's produce kits that don't discourage people from building them'.

Oh, and the PRICE. The kits are priced around the range that local hobby shops peg their 1/48 WW1 kits at!
PS one more: the decals. LOTS of options, really well printed. That lozenge pattern on the wings is all decal, isn't it?

Also forgot to say, damn nice build!

Yeah, I bought ALL of their kits... I just need to find the time, sigh.

I also will be a US distributor for these amazing decals - if any one is interested, I think they'll be killer additions to the Wingnut planes!

Whats new - Uschi van der Rosten

Check the April 13th update!!
Thanks guys. The decals are from their LVG kit, although I now have Wingnut's lozenge decals for another project. The markings, aside from the lozenge and the crosses, are all masked and sprayed. A full buildup of this model will be appearing in an upcoming issue of FSM.
I nearly have all the Wing Nut kits, I have finished the Pfalz .D.IIa and I have started the Roland and the DH.9A. One of the guys in the model club has finished the Gotha and that is one big plane for a WWI aircraft.

The Pfalz was the secont WWI aircraft I have finished all with rigging and turn buckels.

Out of all the kits I have built the Wing Nut models are the best fitting kits I have ever made.
The only advice I can give - when you try to glue painted parts together, you'll need to scrape any paint you have on the joining surfaces. The kits have such tight tolerances that even the layer of primer/paint will cause the parts to not fit. I had to scrape the bulkheads of the interior as well as the corresponding grooves in the fuselage to get the interior to fit. Before I scraped the paint, there was a noticeable gap, afterwards, the seam was perfect...and no plastic was harmed during the process.

I never thought I'd ever hear myself saying least not about a model kit.

I have most of their kits - at least the ones that interest me. My DH.9 is next on the list since they were flown by the Marine Corps and next year is the centennial of USMC Aviation...

Just when we thought the Japanese kitmakers had raised the bar to an impossible level, eh?

I really hope they make a Bristol M1c. Ugly little plane but man, I love it. I will take a red one, please! :)
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