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    Hi guys, this is my 3rd or 4th build. If you have seen previous efforts (2 rough DL44s made from scraps and a very functional and hero propped E11), you will know I am more about making a functional piece for use in an airsoft game than a prop to sit on a wall.

    This is an ESB-esque DL-44, built from a full metal, gas powered replica Mauser M712. The muzzle piece, the scope and the greeblies are resin, and the scope mount is mild steel.

    The resin parts can be found from the bay of E by typing in DL44 muzzle, and the seller is TrickyDicky something or other.

    Metalwork of the pistol was stripped and then chemically blued with aluminium blackener. Resin scope was dremelled away for the lens and the electrics.

    I also plan on putting a UV light in the front, which essentially would make any red glow in the dark "tracer" BBs look like lasers when fired, and some internal upgrades to make it shoot more accurately.




    Any questions drop me a PM.

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