Agile & Armored Darth Vader - Need Assistance

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Strikerkc, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Inspiration. Found in some facebook thread that I can't even go back and find now.


    So, looks like a figurine to me; but does anyone know if it's from something? Like a story or game?

    My plan is to make an under suit that matches the picture, shouldn't be to rough, at least to make an "ok" one to start with, but what I'm gonna need help with is figuring out exactly where to start with the armored bits.

    Looks like he's got gauntlet/hand armor, upper chest and shoulder armor, knee and lower leg armor (all the arms and legs may simply be meant to be robotic limbs), and upper chest armor/classic blinky weezy chest plate; along with a longer rear neck guard on the helmet.

    I'm looking for any suggestions for pep files to start with, that I can tweak and sculpt upon to make the finished product above. Ya'll have a much wider experience with what sort of custom little bits have been made and put out there, so I'm hoping some real gems might come out of the community.

    I myself am seeing almost an iron man style leg lower leg; possibly even gauntlets and hands? Is there HALO stuff that would work for the upper chest portion, or even the legs and arms? Anything you know of that could be a good starting point as a pep file would be greatly appreciated.
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    It's the Play Arts Kai Darth Vader figure. Its not from a film or story or game but their own stylized version, they also have a Iron Man and Boba Fett as well as others in the same style. Look it up as Play Arts Kai Vader and you should find plenty of photos. Sorry can't help you on the armor but would love to see this built.
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    Awesome info. Just looked it up, and all the different angles are going to help a ton. Shame the model itself is $200+, would have been great to have for reference and to put on my desk at work. LOL.
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    hmph, looks like they used the same shins as iron man for this...

    the forearms look like a halo 4 design.....

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