Aesthetic question on tree model (tree crown)


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Hi there,

(Is this the wrong Forum? Which one would be right?)

I made a wire tree (then clayed) and now added foam flock but it looks horrible.
Never before did I do anything like this so I simply dont have the sensibilities needed, I'm afraid.

The tree is made as a stand for another thing I made as you see in the photos.
It also should not be super lush but is intentionalle sparse with foliage (see painting below)

Does the foliage on the tree look bad because foliage doesnt grow on branches but on twigs?
some people use "sea foam" for tiny twigs but I cant get them anywhere and honestly they would break off anyway,
assuming I get to stick them on in the first place.

Any idea on how to make it (the foliage) even a little bit better is appreciated.


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this post was about the old (even worse) version of the tree. now edited and better but I am still not happy. photos are of the newest version
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