1. syborwolf

    Made a Thulsa Doom Helmet (Conan The Barbarian)

    Well, a few weeks ago I decided to try to build a Thulsa Doom helmet out of EVA foam. I’ve never made anything from foam before, so I figured it wouldn’t be easy. Especially with the intricacies of this particular helmet. After many trial and error, learning experiences, I’m finally close to...
  2. AdventureAlex

    Painting and Sealing Foam Figurehead

    I got this buxom beauty today. She’s made of light polyurethane foam. What paints would you recommend? And, what sealant/gloss to protect her (and hopefully harden her to make sturdier)? (She’ll stay inside) Someone mentioned Epsilon foam coating epoxy—but I’m afraid to cover her details and...
  3. jyhash

    Questions about making templates of inside of mask

    Hey more talented prop builders! I have a"helmet" construction question someone here may be able to assist with. So I bought these "Iron Man"-esque face shields from Amazon as an extra barrier of protection for a plane flight we took over the summer. However, they never arrived in time, were...
  4. Peter Parke 67

    first time making a batman armor

    Hi, So I decided to build a batman armor for myself but unfortunate I haven't done anything similar before. I heard that foam is what am supposed to make it from but what type of foam exactly? Is there any cheaper material you would recommand? As for the suit I'll be building I was sinking maybe...
  5. Day Spartan

    Sealing Plastazote

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on sealing plastazote. Making some armour and am having some trouble sealing the foam. there are a few parts the move and bend a little but if it just paint on the foam it flacks off and then i tried to seal it with latex the skin started to peel off or tried...
  6. SeaMoon

    Any recommended primer paints for foam besides Plasti-Dip here in the Philippines / Asia?

    I'm looking for a good cheaper alternative to Plasti-Dip spray paint as its quite pricey here going around ₱1000 ($20). I know Bosny made a similar spray can called Elastic dip but I haven't found anyone who has used it on foam. I'm thinking of trying out acrylic gloss emulsion which Gelo...
  7. FreddySchramm

    15 ft tall ATST

    I'm going to use my stimulus check to build something I've always wanted. Half scale ATST measuring about 15 ft tall. I know there's a lot of ambitious projects out there that never really get finished but the way I'm going about this should make it relatively simple enough to finish. These...
  8. FreddySchramm

    He-Man / Joe Exotic Halloween Mashup

    So this Halloween I tried doing another mashup and have a good project to film for my channel so I give you a cringe costume mashup.You might have seen this online on facebook already. Exotic-Man! Also Gave Me an excuse to make armor for my cat.... she didn't like it one bit.
  9. FSURobbie

    Mega Man X: Full Armor - Foam Helmet WIP

    Hey folks! So I decided to take a break from my Proton Pack as it was rapidly burning me out. I had some spare EVA foam laying around from my pack that my sons had asked that I use to make something for them when I finished my pack. As kids do, they have asked pretty much every day when I was...
  10. Miak1031

    Cleaning Up Foam/Paint Prep

    Hey All, I finally took the leap and made my first foam prop. I molded a brick from my yard in silicone and cast it FlexFoam-iT 17. I'm really happy with the results, but am having an issue at the location of my pour spout. After cutting off the excess foam, I now have a nice rectangle with no...
  11. IM Nation

    ROBOCOP 2014 movie black armor foam build

    Im starting a new build... its a Robocop 2014 movie the black armor version.. used a game model that i unfolded to foam build. i used the texture to bring out the suit detailed its made of eva foam 6mm
  12. MedusaMay

    Making Junkrat's Tire~♡

    Kind of didnt know where to start but somehow I figured it out :) YouTube Video
  13. TheScratcher

    What material for masks?

    I would like to make a few masks (for the first time) but have problems finding the right material. The current global event left me unemployed so it gotta be cheap. - asked a couple of local carpenters for wood. they all said they´d have to glue pieces together for a mask that size and it will...
  14. TheScratcher

    Aesthetic question on tree model (tree crown)

    Hi there, (Is this the wrong Forum? Which one would be right?) I made a wire tree (then clayed) and now added foam flock but it looks horrible. Never before did I do anything like this so I simply dont have the sensibilities needed, I'm afraid. The tree is made as a stand for another thing I...
  15. he4thbar

    Fallout 3 T-45d power armor (Foam WIP)

    All Done! all files (OBJ, ADO, PDFs) can be found here for free: Fallout 3 t45d Foam power armor, The Armorverse ------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, long lurker here and a 405th poster. My next build isn't halo so I figured I'd share my progress here. Gonna be...
  16. PlanetAlexander

    Making a Foam Buck for Mold Making

    G'day Makers, I had the opportunity to try something new for a project (I can't reveal the project yet). But for it, I chose to make a cast of the final version. I didn't have any clay (such as Monster Clay), all I had was EVA foam and foam clay. So I took a risk and made a buck from foam/foam...
  17. ScorpionTR

    My Wargreymon(From the Digimon Adventures Anime) EVA Foam build.

    Bought the undersuit from Zentaizone, the foam building process took nearly a year all up. There's still some improvements I like to do with it before I consider it Con ready. Any questions? Ask away!
  18. Foamnoob42

    Punisher War Machine EVA Foam Build by a complete novice!

    Hey guys, I'm very new to cosplay. Never touched a chunk of EVA foam in my life. So I thought the best cosplay to ease me into the hobby was a super complex suit of armour made out of foam. I am a smart person who makes good decisions XD. It's not too bad though. Someone else already did a...
  19. floppydannyboi

    Looking for Iron Man Mark 85 Foam Files

    Im looking for mark 85 foam files is anyone knows where i can get them, dont mind paying but really want to get hold of some. Thanks.
  20. JBCosplay

    Overwatch Reinhardt - Crusader Skin Build

    I've been around the forums here for a while but only recently made an account and with my current build I figured it was about time I start my own thread! This build initially started almost a year ago however I only started making progress this summer. I stopped in order to finish other...
  21. ForceSensitvAL

    Best filler for foam that doesn't add weight?

    I already have a ton of rigid (XPS) foam, so I am going to start practicing making foam weapons and gear. For finer details, and to fill gaps, I was hoping to use a filler or sculptable medium that air dries and remains light; wouldn't want it to add weird cog. My niece uses Crayola model magic...
  22. J

    Unsure of next steps

    Good morning all. I am working on a Halo Mk V helmet. I started with a Pepakura file and am close to completing the assembly. This is my first time doing this sort of thing and I'm doing it as a gift so I want it to look good. I was thinking that I would cover the paper with 2mm craft foam...

    Red Hood Cosplay Foam Chest Armor Tutorial

    I made this tutorial showing you how to build a Red Hood Cosplay Chest Foam Armor It's a follow up to the Red Cosplay Hood Helmet Tutorial found on the Heroes Workshop Youtube channel that I made a week ago. Please have a look and I hope it helps you out.
  24. mrcarkeys42

    Question about thicker EVA foam

    Hey everyone! I’m doing a job this week replacing the flooring in a gym. The current flooring is Eva foam matting (the interlocking puzzle piece kind) and it was all going to be tossed so I figured I would take it, there is a ton here and figured it would cover my foam related needs for the...
  25. Avengersrox

    Fortnite Oblivion

    Hello all! This is my first post as a therpf member and I'm super excited to get tips and ideas from you all :) I am currently working on an Iron Man MK VI build, but I already have plans for a second suit-- Oblivion from Fortnite. I know Fortnite IRL can be cringy, so I am going to be...