advise/help needed, cannot get a reply back from SD Studios

Paul Allan

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Hi all,
I'm new around here, always been a lurker tho...

About a month ago I sent a very valuable prop to Steve from SD Studios for repair.

He has stopped responding to my emails. Over the past couple weeks I have sent about 5 emails

All emails i sent the status shows every email I sent has been read and it shows me the time and date they were read. So I know he is just ignoring me but I don't know why?

I have noticed that he has still been actively posting here and has been shipping props.

Could anyone please help maybe direct his attention to this thread so I can get a response?
Any response is fine, I would like to know what's going on with my prop I sent about a month ago for repair.
I have been a huge supporter of SD and owned several items made by them.
This is not like Steve, always had smooth dealings.
I sure do hope everything is ok with him?
I feel really awful about being ignored and not having my prop repaired.
At this point I think I would just like it back in my hands repaired or not.
Thanks for listening to who ever reads.
Kind regards
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Anyone know how else to get in touch with Steve? Maybe aside from email. Like a phone number or alternate email?

Any advice would be great. He's a great guy who makes great products. I hope this message gets to him or someone could be so kind as to point me in the right direction so I can get my item back.
I hope he doesn't get Ticked off about me posting.
I would never want to try and make him look bad publicly.
I just didn't know what else to do since all emails have failed.
No disrespect intended to Steve or anyone else here.
Thanks for you reply cenobyte.
He is likely just super busy. I would not worry and just give him a little time. I have bought quit a few props from him and he always comes through.
(sigh) ok...

This is a direct result of the "I want an Oompla Loompa NOW" world that we live in...

I mentioned to you that I am EXTREMELY busy right now and I would get to it when I could.

I haven't taken a dime from you. I said that when I can get to it, I will let you know. I basically ignored you because you keep asking the same questions over...and over...and over...

Which I answered (mostly) already. Going to the prop board isn't going to accomplish ANYTHING but get me more annoyed.

At this point, I think I will just return it to you. Ok?

Thank you.
^ Seems a wee but harsh Steve, although granted i do not know the back story to this, but the OP seems like a nice enough guy and has nothing but respect for you, he has been nothing but nice in his posts within this thread, cut the guy some slack, he's only trying to get an response from you.

Paul - Steve is a stand up chap, but i get the impression over the years that he is really really busy, he takes a while, but always does get back to people. I can understand where you are coming from, but patience will yield excellent results.
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