Advice on Applying Latex to Spandex gloves


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Could use some guidance in modifying hands. These are "Aliens vs Predator: Requiem" latex gloves that I purchased to modify into Mass Effect Turian talons. Despite being extremely over sized, the color was right and the detail was good enough. The original plan was to cut the hand down and re-glue the latex back together. However, there is still so much material in its width, that I think the better idea is to cut the hand into pieces and glue onto a spandex glove as a base.

Any recommendations on the type of spandex I should use? How in which to glue it despite it being a stretchy material?

Thanks, your expertise is highly valued.

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i think the better option may be a non-stretch glove if at all possible, but adding non stretch patches to the parts you need to glue to onto stretch gloves is another option.
however, you could also back the talons with a fabric and sew the backing to a glove, therein making a physical connection with the glove if ever the talons need to be removed for repair.
I'm not completely sure the needs and movement of the hand, but i hope this helps.