Ackbar actor Tim Rose TLJ disappointment


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On set The Stunt coordinator Nick, stopped Lucas and said "this is Simon Rose, Tim Rose taught him everything he knew" (he didn't, Nick was having a laugh) I felt rather pressured between these giants to uphold the lie, 10 minutes of Lucas quizzing me on Tims health what's he up too etc yadda yada. I have always wanted to meet Tim, just to tell him this story.


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Certain people have simply missed the respect for the culture of this galaxy or were not aware of it (what makes it more worse).
I'm not wining because Akbar has died since I only hope with EP IX it will be definitely over with further development of that story arc.
They just have to look back, the (old) EU is full of soul moving stuff, The Thrawn Trilogy one of the masterpieces (but also other Zahn Novels with Mara Jade) and also so many Comic stuff. And Vader has simply to be in it!! :lol:


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I'm more upset that ice cream maker guy did not get a proper send off in the latest trilogy. GODDAMMIT, RIAN JOHNSON!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!?!

Do you hear how stupid this all sounds?