Ackbar actor Tim Rose TLJ disappointment


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On this subject...I usually agree with Doomcock’s videos, and I am far, far from being a Sequel Trilogy fan, but I find his “Salty Tears For Ackbar” video to be a little over-the-top and histrionic for my taste; although the part about Rian Johnson treating the OT characters/actors like a “John” treats his prostitutes did make me giggle. I humbly believe that some of the “Ackbar reaction” to possibly be a part of the overall outrage culture that surrounds TLJ and the Sequel Trilogy in general. I could be wrong.
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Well I'll say it.
Get over it. You played a minor part in the last play of the original trilogy. Stop making your role more important than it is.
Did you get paid? Were you given the privilege to reprise your role? How ungrateful could you be? It sounds like he wanted a special party with wine, roses, press media coverage and a statue built in his honor in Times Square!
He's LUCKY they asked him to come back at all!
Some people really do have delusions of grandeur.


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I don't know how people can stand to watch videos like that, it took me less than 5 minutes to read an article with the same information and none of the annoyance contained in a 12 minute video.
I kind of agree with funky on this, nothing against Mr Rose but Ackbar has been a running Star Wars joke since ROTJ. He really is lucky they asked him to be in another film (if you can call it that ;) ) at all.
Cash the check and write your book Tim!
Edit: the "it's a wrap" line might be the best writing RJ has ever done. ;)
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So let me see if understand this. The actor and some fans are upset because a character that was made to service the needs of the story was killed off 34 years later to service the needs of the story!?!?!?

I'm no therapist but I think some are suffering from a condition called........ nostalgia. It's a cruel task master.

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I don't think it's the end of the world what they did to Tim Rose but I do empathize with the guy. To me it's just another example of the disposable attitude of the original cast to those heading up Lucasfilm.

Given that many fans showed up to the theater to catch a glimpse of the OT cast at least once more it's a shame they weren't utilized better and killed off.

Ultimately it doesn't really matter though because what's done is done and these are films we got.

Time to move on to other things now.

For me it ended in 1983. The only hope I have, fleeting as it may be, is for a properly restored OT bluray/ 4k release.


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Oh please. If they "paid tribute" to every single returning character everyone would be complaining that the story dragged and made no sense. Akbar's death made sense in that scene. Period.