a sub forum for Prop, Theater rooms/Collections specifically

Solos blaster

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Is there enough interest or need to warrant a specific sub forum to showcase home theaters, collections, and prop rooms specifically? Builds as well as showcases?

As it is now, they are mixed in with the normal Prop Forum section and due to the density they can be hard to find at times. This would also be a good place for those interested in finding ways to display their collections by seeing other members' collections as well as a single place for all builds of theater/collection rooms.

Is this too redundant lol?
I would agree with that! I have my own build thread and felt it was both in the way of other members looking for props and also not easy enough to find to show off correctly, I am constantly trying to find theater rooms or displays and have a difficult time doing that. I use the search bar but because it picks up on key words, I end up with a lot of discussions that do not have anything to do with what I am looking for.
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