A strange Yourprops.com collection...


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It looks like they are missing a couple. I have a mold to make these things with, but just have'nt ever sold any castings or ever thought they would be of use to someone if I did.


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That collection is awesome :D which also gives me this nerdy idea to paint tetris blocks on a wall, as part of my decoration :D
Although, that might cause my gf to completly freak out and kill me.. worth a shot though ;P


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I tried to collect these once, but every time I'd try to put them away in a neat stack they would disappear on me.
Try it with some space between the parts... ;)

Very nice collection...

I wonder if he start to collect the coloured gems from Columns... But maybe he's not a SEGA guy... :)

The colors aren't screen accurate.
But with the GB adapter for SNES they come close... ;)

Wes R

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Those colors are NES accurate though. If you build then with colored dice they'd look better lol.