Firefly Collection - Progress Updates

Wow thats looking spiffy. Logos came out great!
On another prop , Henry just release a Mares Leg pistol that would make a great Zoe gun and its live fire ! Thinking about getting one and shortening it .
Henry Rifles. Its only a 22LR or 22Magnum and It would need to have the barrel and bullet tube cut down but im down with that. I have an 1892 but A- it was my late dads gun so im not interested in chopping it up and of coarse B- its a rifle and i can't cut the barrel that far without it becoming an NFA item. These being pistols you can cut it to the chamber if you want. The loop is slightly off but could be "adjusted". Only big downside is the $500 price tag. lol BUT it is a Henry and they are really good guns and are considered Heirloom guns.

All done. Just waiting on my acrylic stand now.


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Nice, what did you use to paint the trigger guard? Looks good. I cant wait to get the badges and get going on mine. Seems like a pretty quick build. Whats the hardest part of modifying the base gun other then milling that lower piece? I may do the trigger guard in aluminum.
My trigger guard is aluminum :)

The most time consuming was the piece under the barrel. I have a mini mill, so I’m only taking off smaller amounts of material at a time. The most challenging was probably the trigger guard. I ended up bending by hand. If you have a large vice it’s easier. I basically put a 2” pipe in my vice parallel with the jaws and sandwiched the very end of the .625” wide piece of aluminum between the vice jaw and the pipe. Then I bent the aluminum around the pipe to get the basic larger curve. I repeated this with a 1/2” piece of brass rod to get the top bend.
Cool, i have a mill so im good there. On the guard , thats the way i make the buckle rings for my Wrath of Khan necklace but in brass so that should be fine.

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