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okay, i guess this is one of the questions you can't simply answer with yes or no but more a matter of your own opinion, but i hope i get some good feedback anyway.

when is it a good thing to buy screen-used props?

i know that answering this question depends on what prop from which film it is, and some props can be an investment of money while others are nothing more than a souvenir, but where is the border?

the reason i'm asking: some weeks ago i found the screen-used outfit worn by Til Schweiger in the movie Far Cry (i actually dont know if the movie was successful enough outside of Germany for you to know it :lol) on ebay, consisting of a pair of cargo shorts and an aloha-shirt, for...i think it was 350€. you could easily get the same clothes (or at least something that is almost the same) for much less than 50€.

so my question is, besides hardcore-fans of the movie and the videogame series perhaps, would anyone really considering buying it just because it was screen-used?
Hey MadMike-

You definitely ask a question that probably rings in all of our heads. I see collecting a prop just like collecting a piece of any other type of artwork- if it appeals to you then it belongs in your collection!
I finally decided to purchase a piece of the Death Star from Episode IV from the PropStore; one of the first things that went through my mind was, "OMG, can you imagine what this will be worth in another 50 years?" The reality is I will most likely never part with my beloved hunk of the Death Star no matter what the price offered.
Prop collecting is like any other hobby, do what you enjoy!

Of course, if you're looking at it from an investment standpoint, I would purchase props that are hot items and will maintain their popularity for years to come.
Good luck on your decision!
Agree with darthweezy totally. I think the best thing that has been said time and time again... if it's important to you, that's all that matters. Collect what you love.

Screen used items can be an investment, but I would never bank on it. If you're looking to make an investment rather than collecting for the emotional connection to a film... I'd stick to major items from classics with larger audiences. The pieces will be more expensive, but that's why. As you mentioned "Far Cry" probably doesn't have universal appeal and in 20+ years will anyone pay for Til's shorts?

I think the same thing with all of the items that have come up from recently released movies now for crazy prices (Pirahna bikinis come to mind). People are paying a premium because something is hot now... need to think down the road if theyre investing. If they love Pirahna or you love Far Cry then no need to justify the price.
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