A new, ambitious, exciting Terminator project.


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My friend Ken has let me in on an extremely cool project. I don't think anyone has attempted anything like it in this size. It is modeled after this picture/link:



In Terminator 2, after Arnold looses his arm and the T-1000 impales him, the T-800 has to use his back up power source to reactive. The movie did an extreme Close-Up (CU) and they only showed 1 eye rebooting... a very tight and up close shot. I couldn't find a clip.

This project is based on the studio model at approx. - 17"W x 13"H. This was done in a similar way Ken did a 3 foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man about 6 years ago.
Construction - styrofoam inner core and 7 lb. balsa foam outer core. Form and shapes were carved and roughed into the balsa foam outer layer. Wood spheres for eyes and other elements for smaller details as place holders. The whole thing was then surface coated with acrylic paste. An epoxy clay compound was used to build areas that needed to be stronger such as edges and in particular the whole nose area. The whole thing was then sealed with a polyurethane hard coat. That was actually a mistake on my part and in retrospect, I should have used a different material. The polyurethane caused the foam to crack in some areas. And I was afraid it would get worst and quickly made a mold of it. In some ways, that was a good thing because it is easier for me to work the details into a hard surface. So the master was tossed and a resin casting is what you see... which will become the new master. Unfortunately, still a lot of work to get it cleaned up and where I want it to be. I have thought about adding the teeth but I think it will take the focus away from the eyes. Started this about a year ago and shelved it shortly after. I got too far ahead of myself without having the ability to make the eyes the way I want to. I would like to start working on this and finish it up some time next year.


Ken hasn't finished the details in the eye sockets, nose, side ports, and eyes themselves. Side ports are not as important as only a small part will show. It is close to specs of the studio model.

Ken's still deciding how to display it - either on a base or mounted against the back wall of the inside of a display case. It is large enough so that electronics and wires can be hidden on the inside because it will be cast hollow. A base does seem more feasible and the right direction to take.

The hard part - the eyes will not be motorized but the iris' should be able to open and close with the red light source mounted in back. See the links below:

Endo eye test 3 - YouTube

ENDOEYE test #2 15mm iris - YouTube

The eyes are not fabricated yet... they would be about 60mm in diameter. For a piece this size, it should be ran in fiberglass, which is pretty light weight. If you choose to chrome-plate it, it would add significant weight. From front to back, I would stop at about 7-8 inches. The focal point are the eyes... anything more, and he might as well make the whole skull. Here's a place that sells the iris diaphragm and lens:

Optics, Imaging, and Photonics Technology - Edmund Optics I don't know where to get the motor or electronics. Both eyes need to work simultaneously.

This project may done in two ways, with electronics (more expensive) and without. For the non-electronics version burnt skin may be added.

It's hard to start projects at this time of year, so real work will start up early next year.

The actual prop does not look very threatening. Ken sculpted his using other references - his HCG and pictures. I would say it is probably close to looking like the M1. When he fabricate the eyes, he will position them to look more aggressive/meaner.

Ken or I will post more info/pictures when the project starts the real work. All this is just the initial prep work. Electronics, tightening up the sculpt, base fabrication, etc... is all on tap after the New Year. As this project progresses, other members may come on board to add their expertise.
That's freaking amazing, when I first got the art of Stan Winston studios book I remember thinking how awesome a replica of this piece would be!
Thanks guys and much thanks to Rich for putting this together and posting it... and plastering it all over the internet :lol Dunno, was a bit reluctant to post this up. Oh and sorry, not big enough for you to crawl into and take a nap :lol

What I would love is to have the iris diaphragm open and close by remote control or motion sensor. Jamie is the only person I know whose actually done something like this, but I have not talked to him for a long time and kinda loss touch. Maybe if he happens upon this thread here or the EBC, he can tell me to stop dreaming or that I'm crazy. Also open to suggestions and possibly working out some sort of trade or commission for someone to do the working eyes.
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Man you are going to have a hard time finding a big enough pair of Persols for him! ;)

Very, very cool Project
Maybe vidcam lenses would give a suitable eye effect as well? They come in different sizes, and the iris is electronically controlled...
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