A HAL 9000 faceplate from scratch


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concommie : the lens in question was made by a company called SD Studios. Or, more accurately, they paid a Chinese lens factory to manufacture them to their specifications. The glass lens simulates the look of a Nikkor 8mm f/8 primary element, though it's a couple of millimetres too large in diameter. They were used for building a HAL 9000 replica produced by SD Studios some years ago.

The principal behind the company had some leftover lenses from the product, and he resold them on eBay a year or two ago. It was controversial because he was also involved in Master Replicas, a prop replica venture that promised a more accurate and advanced HAL 9000 product. However, MR fell into bankruptcy and many people lost large sums of money, because they put money down on a non-existent product that never shipped.

So. The only way to get one of those replica lenses now is to buy one off somebody who bought one via eBay.

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