A few new Gremlins 2 restorations...


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Seems like the Mogwai got into the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers!

These two were completed some time ago, but we've finally gotten around to getting them on the site. Both were in fair condition, but with some pretty concentrated damaged areas. Mike Thomas quarterbacked the restoration of these and, as always, did a really great job making our work blend seamlessly with the original sculptures. As always, we barely did any paintwork... limiting any touchups to the confines of the repairs, keeping the props as original as possible.

Both suffered from badly torn necks (especially in the back), which is common for these props. Often, they are left on stands which only support the head. We filled each with archival materials and our own special set up which takes the weight off the head and puts it on the torso, which is much better for the puppet's long-term outlook.

Onto the pics!

GREMLIN #1: Needed cleaning, repair to the back of the neck, legs and face.




GREMLIN #2: Needed heavy cleaning (you can see he was very dusty on arrival!), repair to the back of the neck, repair to the big tear in the front of his neck as well as some other minor fixes. The client on this one also requested we seal him with a glossier finish, as he wanted to capture the glossy/slimy look of the film.


Like these little monsters? Be sure to visit our Gremlins restoration page for more like these! Gremlins Movie Props and Puppets Restoration, Preservation and Display

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thanks for looking!

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Thanks all!

Great job on the restorations. So good, that you can't even see the repairs... well done.

And thanks specifically for that wonderful comment :) It's always our goal and we're limited by the condition and nature of the original pieces, but it's great when we can achieve that and very kind of you to notice!

I think it's great so many puppets from this movie are taken care of in such a good way.
Is it true most from the first movie got lost? I know you did a restauration on one Gremlin, beautiful job on that one as well :thumbsup!!!

Does anyone know what happened to the 1984 Gizmo puppets?
i don't know how you do it tom, i can never find any thing that i would change or say you could have done better here or there, your work is pretty much perfect.

thanks you for looking after all these creatures, gremlins or otherwise

I have wanted one of these guys sense I first saw the first one..... One day I will add one or two I hope. Once again you guys have restored a piece of history for the future. Can't wait to see future restores
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