A big THANK YOU to Sideshow


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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Sideshow,if they are reading,for offering free shipping on the new Aliens bust.I never would have considered ordering one if it was not for free shipping.The price would have been too much.This free shipping thing that Sideshow is doing is opening up a whole new realm of prop opportunities for me.I`am so glad that they are recognising their overseas costomers and only wish now that Master Replicas would now follow in their steps.

I`m sure I speak for many overseas costomers when I give you the big thumbs up Sideshow. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Forever grateful

Vincent Manuel

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amen brother

im from Australia, and postage is a BIATCH .... with a capital everything

Two thumbs up to sideshow, i hope they can offer this on the pred bust... if so il buy that also


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Same here ... Living in Spain is soo hard for this as well, shipping rates, customs fees... Impossible to get this kind of stuff... SO, they lost customers.

Now with FREE SHIPPING, they have win a new customer forever ...

Let´s see if MR learn of this, how to make bussiness, by Sideshow...... But if I tell you the true, I really dont think MR will ever do this (and even less as a common policy)... They only think on money money money, and now, offering "bad quality" stuff... :D

But, to back to the issue... THANKS A LOT SIDESHOW ...


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While I wont be ordering this particular piece I also agree that it's a great move by Sideshow. Lets hope those gits in customs are feeling generous.


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Even the Jaws Maqutte that isnt free shipping came in at only $17 to a US address. I was pretty surprised by that.


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Same here, i don't think i would have bought one if the item was $1000 + shipping.
I'm really looking forward to receiving mine :)