'89 Batwing Studio Scale Kits: What is out there?

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Hey, everybody! :D

I just had an epiphany and finally realized that the 1989 Batwing design is probably my favorite fantasy vehicle ever created (challenged only by the '89 Batmobile model and its subtle, deep purple paintjob). After doing a search over the forum, I discovered that there are actually a few kits floating around for the '89 Batwing that are said to be direct recasts of an original, movie-molded, 2-feet-wide studio model.

Being absolutely blown away by this fact and feeling a little frustrated by the lack of information available, I'm just curious if anyone would mind explaining my options as far as a project like this goes...What's the most accurate kit available? How do I locate it/them? Does anyone have one who can vouch for its/their quality? How much should I be looking to pay for one of them in a blank kit form?

All information, references, or images will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!! :)




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I have two of the original 1989 batwing movie set props. They are fabricated out of fiberglass .

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IMG_20171113_064136.jpg IMG_20171113_064136.jpg

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I would love to see more views vseifert6. I also have one but the underside has damage that I'd like to repair on day. Thanks for sharing!

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