66" TOS Enterprise completed

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by t2sides, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. t2sides

    t2sides Sr Member

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    Well, those of you who know me, know this has been a long task. BUT, the "BIG E" is finally done. It's been a labor of love, and is great to finally see this big beauty done and on display.

    I will also be making a table for it, and a huge acrylic 'cover' lid that will enclose it and keep it dust free. I also have to make a 'carrying case' to take it out for shows at some point. (If I can get it out of the basement.) I've run the lighting and engines for about 6 hours straight, and it keeps on going strong.

    I'm also planning to make a 'control panel' with a TOS style bridge console to turn it on/off.

    BTW, I've also started on the F/M Viper, a link is on my home page.


  2. Lord Abaddon

    Lord Abaddon Sr Member

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    Sean that is absolutely gorgeous. Those pics look right out of the "Trials and Tribblations" with the crispness and how fantastic that model looks. Just fantastic.
  3. victory201

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    All I can say is:


    Fantastic Job........
  4. Treadwell

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  5. phase pistol

    phase pistol Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You found some great screen grabs from the old show. No grain ner matte lines or nuthin. :D


    Well done, and a fantastic miniature. ;)

    - k
  6. streetjudge79

    streetjudge79 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I'm not a star trek fan but that is outstanding..
  7. star-art

    star-art Sr Member

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    Well done Sean.. :D This is also a testament to Gary Kerr's skill in documenting the original miniature. Is this replica "dead-on balls accurate" or what?
  8. imaginager

    imaginager Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Congrats, Sean. Looks outstanding.. Great website, too - you've got some great documentation of the construction. So, are you relieved? Or, a bit sad? Both? :)

  9. cobywan

    cobywan Sr Member

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    Great job. Keep Ed Miarecki away from that beauty. :)

    (I just realized that his name may be pronounced Me-a-Recky.) :eek:
  10. KrokoHunter

    KrokoHunter Sr Member

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    Hi Sean ..

    Congrats on the great result.

    She's a real beauty.

    Isn't it kind of weird, to finally being done with the project ??? what to do next...

    Frank and Moes Viper, perhaps ??

    Again great piece of work.. Really outstanding.

  11. Galactifan

    Galactifan Sr Member

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    REALLY NICE JOB... Come over and build me one. :)
  12. Archie Opteryx

    Archie Opteryx Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.
  13. GeorgeC

    GeorgeC Well-Known Member

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    Very nice job.

    Although there doesn't appear to be a lot of weathering on the secondary hull or nacelles, the weathering on the top of the saucer appears to be dead-on.

    (Yeah, everybody's main complaint about the restoration of the 11-foot shooting model is that the weathering -- especially on the underside of the saucer section -- was way overdone. I'm sorry, but I don't see how Ed Miarecki can justify that harsh staining/shadowing pattern on the saucer. It just doesn't look right...)

    I wonder, though... Are the nacelle cap covers frosted with the vane pattern like the original model's and do they rotate? The lighting pattern behind the caps seems "right," but there's no indication in the pictures of how else the caps are.
  14. dcarty

    dcarty Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I'm speechless. That is one gorgeous model, magnificent.

    Dave C
  15. Zaphod

    Zaphod Well-Known Member

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    That's absolutely amazing. Give ya $20 for it :)
  16. pyxl

    pyxl Well-Known Member

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    That is just a beautiful piece of work. The model itself is top-notch and your assembly and paint is outstanding in and of itself.

    I'd love to see it in person sometime. Let us know if you plan to have it anywhere public.
  17. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    Great job.
  18. t2sides

    t2sides Sr Member

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    Well thanks everyone, your feedback is VERY much appreciated. Really enjoy seeing your responses.

    I'll try to answer a few questions from above:

    Nacelles 'fans' - They are definitely there, the camera though blurs them out.
    On my page 2 construction, http://squaremodels.com/66enterprisepage2.htm, there are links to .mov files that show the nacelles moving.
    http://squaremodels.com/images/fan.jpg is also a pic of the 'fans'.

    Weathering - It's all there, the camera just faded it out. Subtle streaking exists on the secondary hull, engine struts and on the engines themselves.

    Yes, I have started on Frank/Moe's viper - my homepage has a link.

    Yes, this model will be on display. For sure, it will be at StarFest 2006 in Denver, and I'll be at WonderFest 2006 in Louisville.

    Yes, I'm a bit sad. Used to coming home from work practically every day and fiddling with this. BUT, it's also fantastic to just sit back and watch this baby run..

    Well, thank you all again for your comments and support.
  19. mr.predicta

    mr.predicta Well-Known Member

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    Yes, this model will be on display. For sure, it will be at StarFest 2006 in Denver, and I'll be at WonderFest 2006 in Louisville.

    Great. I will look forward to wonderfest next year.
    thanks for sharing.
  20. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    rendition of the old CLASSIC I have seen . :thumbsup

    I'm curious, how the HECK can you move that sucker ?
    I mean, did you make it so you can break it down
    if needs be ??

    Of course, I ask as I would LOVE to see that at WONDERFEST
    this comming year .... You would get so many OFFERS and open wallets
    to take her off your hands that I couldn't BEGIN to count the way's .

  21. t2sides

    t2sides Sr Member

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    Too funny Kip.. And thank you.

    Yes, I am building a padded 'crate' for transporting it, it does not break down at all, so it is very susceptible. I have the plans to make it as secure as possible, so I think it will be good to go for WF2006.

    Look forward to your continued exceptional works as well.
  22. swpropmaker

    swpropmaker Sr Member

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    So thats why your looking to join the unit.. Your gonna need all kinds of security to display that thing.. :lol

    Smart move.. the AirForce is a great place to find planes big enough to ship that monster. It was good meeting you again this weekend.. I got to get up to the mountain and see this fantastic piece. So are you going to scratch a klingon Battle Cruiser to scale?

  23. t2sides

    t2sides Sr Member

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    Right on Steve.. Need all the protection I can get. :) And it was great seeing your office at the base, very cool.

    I have seriously considered doing up a "Botany Bay" to go next to it, and a Klingon BattleCruiser to scale is definitely on my 'down the road' list.

    You are welcome up to see it any time.

  24. Jimbo890

    Jimbo890 Well-Known Member

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    You need to rent that out to the fan film guys.

  25. SithLord

    SithLord Sr Member

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    What an incredible project competed. It really belongs in a permanent exhibit somewhere....

    just amazing...


  26. rad1701

    rad1701 Sr Member

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    That is the most beautiful model "Enterprise" I have ever seen. Just wonderful. You should be proud of her.
  27. phase pistol

    phase pistol Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    It's better than the one Paul Allen has in his Seattle Sci Fi Museum. ;)

    - K
  28. Protector

    Protector New Member

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    Congratulations. It must feel great to finish such a large project. I really couldn't tell how large it was until I saw a picture of you standing next to it.

    When you get around to packing it up and taking it to shows, will you take it whole, or do you have a way to break it down and put it back together easily? It's hard for me to imagine this thing being carried around in a display case. Maybe the case will have wheels and you'll be able to just pull it around. Ha-ha.

    Don't you wonder what people without basements do? I live in Arkansas, and basements are not common here because the water table is too high. We have to find room to do projects IN THE HOUSE. It can be challenging. Our latest set-up is in, of all places, the bathroom. It was the only place left in the house where a large table could be added. You gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

    Good luck with the case and your other projects.
  29. MegaPrime33

    MegaPrime33 Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I hate to just say this and move on but that is just amazing. I completely speechless and in awe of it. Incredible work.
  30. ShowCraft

    ShowCraft Well-Known Member

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    Stunning model and perfect workmanship. Cant wait to see her in person at WONDERFEST.
  31. t2sides

    t2sides Sr Member

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    Thanks so much everyone for the kind words. Very much appreciated.

    As to 'packing' this baby up for travel, It will go in as one whole piece. Doesn't break down. I am building a padded boxed 'crate' that will transport this, similar to studio model transporting.

    Looking forward to seeing those of you at Wonderfest.

  32. Kuhn Global

    Kuhn Global Sr Member

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    You truly are an amazing modeler. That 1701 is GORGEOUS. You did an awesome job. Then again,..I have never seen anything but the best from you.
    Is that a kit from Jim Key or a scratch build?
    I would love to get something of yours for the museum.

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