5th Element Temple Blueprints, Should I buy the other one?


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I just purchased this Fifth Element blueprint of the Temple. Paid $100 at an estate sale. This is the first movie item I have ever purchased. It came with a coa from The Prop Store. I was wondering if I got a good deal. They also have the blueprint for the opera hall and stage on Fhloston Paradise. It is not anywhere near as cool looking as the temple prints. Should I go back and get it anyway? Would it be worth getting for a $100 and re-selling? I don't know how much interest there is in these blueprints. Any ideas on if I got a good deal or not would be appreciated.






Holly geezus that's ****ing awesome! where is this estate sale :) I'd say buy the others but haggle a bit :) or ask prop store how much they sold for.
I was thinking about calling them and finding out. I was reading their FAQ not too long ago and saw this "As long as our original COA accompanies the original item we will treat any inquiry as if it was from the original buyer. " I am assuming they would tell me.

The sale was awesome though. Tons of movie props. They also had a pair of Mangalore arms. I was hoping they would be better quality but they are a soft foam and some of the paint is coming off. They are going to auction off what didn't sale around the second of September. If you were in the south you would be in luck. Wish I could go but will be out of state that week. :cry

Could give the info, but only after I decide whether I am going to buy the other blueprint.
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buy it...if propstore can get $150-200 for production used photocopies of art, these are MUCH rarer and as long as the set is memorable more desirable.

Strange I should read this...Im listing some dye-lines in the junkyard right now I have had under my bed for 10 years that I forgot about.
All the mangalore arms were soft foam, and most seem to have paint wear.

I'd snap those up to if they are cheap.
Well i sold a pair recently for around £250.

Screenused sold a pair for $800.

So £150 i would consider cheap....£200 i would still consider them!
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