5th ELEMENT Police Blaster: REDUX!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by morganthirteen, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. morganthirteen

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    Normally, once I complete a replica I can move on to other projects without *too* much regret over what hindsight will ultimately reveal to be (hopefully) only minor errors in accuracy. But once in a while you hit the mother load of reference that proves just how completely wrong you got it the first time.

    Case in point, the Police blaster replica from the 5th ELEMENT.

    First, the comparison between the new version (in color.) and the original master...



    I may have only had screen grabs to work from, but I really wasn't even in the ballpark. The first one is about 14 inches in length, while the new one is over 17 inches.

    Here are both sides with accurate engraved type and serial numbers.....


    It also really helped to have an original shoulder armor piece from the actual film to help nail the width.


    And here's one with the magazine that was not on the foam stunt versions which were actually worn on the shoulder. Instead, a magnet was inserted into the port with it's opposite attached to the underside of the shoulder armor to hold it in place...


    I guess if at first you don't succeed...
  2. kropserkel

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    Absolutely stunning work Shawn, but I would expect no less from the likes of you.
    Brilliant, and the corrections really do make a huge difference.
    Now you can finally put this one to bed.
  3. D48thRonin

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    Beau... TEE... ful. Quite nice, my friend.
  4. PHArchivist

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    Nice to see this prop again... Well done.
  5. Xizor

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    Sweet... I want one...
  6. Kerr Avon

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    Very nice. Having seen a screen used Police costume in person, the cop guns sold before were WAY too small. This looks like it could very well be right on.
  7. Jeeves

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    Now THAT's a blaster...who would have thought you could improve so much on the first version. Very nice job, Morganthirteen.

  8. Rylo

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    Amazing work. A stunning piece.

  9. OdiWan72

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    Hi Shawn

    Great to see you on earths surface again :cheers

    That´s a great representation of the prop and a major "improvement"...LOVE IT (but hey...I love ALL your stuff :lol)

    Markus :)
  10. pucknell

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    very nice work.

    so, how can i get one?
  11. LeMarchand

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    Wow, i have one of your older kits and thought that one already totally rocked. The new version looks very, very good. I'll keep an eye on the junkyard ;)


  12. Noeland

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    We need an emoticon for crapping yourself. Cause I am. :cry

    I have pined away for one of these replicas for a long, long time.

    Sadly, I have none of your work in my collection Shawn :(

  13. Prop Runner

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    - Gabe
  14. darcjedi

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  15. 28injection

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    WOW .. that looks great.

    I had one of the originals and that was a fantastic cast, best i have ever had.

  16. Darkknight0667

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    Wow, Shawn. Just, Wow.
  17. JP05

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    WOW ................ Great work Shawn ....
  18. Hangar18Studios

    Hangar18Studios Well-Known Member

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    I'm always amazed at your willingness to perfect a project many of us thought was already well done.
    Your ability to revisit an old project and push the envelope to what very well may be "better than studio" quality is inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing the pic's.
  19. Mxlplx

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    That is a beautiful piece.
    I never had the funds for the first itteration, but this time around, I'm in.
  20. Nexus6

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    WOWZ... :love

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  21. Rocketeer390

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    I need one of those. I hate you. Or to be more accurate, my bank account hates you. I'll be watching the junkyard too. Fantastic work.
  22. Lawgiver

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    A couple questions, where did you come up with the new more accurate info and what was the gun inside?

    Oh yea, and when will they be available? :D
  23. morganthirteen

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    Thanks everyone for the very kind comments.

    Here's are a few "in-progress" shots to show how it all came together.

    Even though it's becoming more and more 'old school', I still love to draw stuff out by hand. Here's my 1:1 scale prints, and the major 'core' pieces that I made out of maple.


    Here it is a little further down the road with some of the details added...Although I love working in wood, you can only get so small with it before you have to start employing the more practical materials like pvc and styrene...


    In this one you can see a few of the references I had on hand this time around to make for a more accurate replica. I like this photo, it really shows just how many different materials and separate pieces all had to be used and made and then combined to make the final piece.


    I've got at least two more 5th ELEMENT props in the works, with the next one in all likelyhood to be the Mangalore Pistol.

    Thanks for looking.
  24. MattMunson

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    Looks awesome dude. Another fine piece of morganism added to the lexicon.
  25. Generalurko

    Generalurko Well-Known Member

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    You kill me, man. First I got the "Golden" Armor one, then your rework version... and now you come out with this. Every version looks perfect and luscious (well maybe not the GA one)... until your new one comes out and THAT one looks even better.

    You're like those Corporate Film weenies who keep releasing a better version of a movie on DVD every few months... including lots of new features and scenes that us fans MUST have. *.

    I feel like Heston at the end of Apes... except I'm looking at that beautiful police gun.

    I going to go cry now. *.

    Excellent work, as always. :)

  26. morpheus13

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  27. Henry Wayne

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    Very very nice.. :thumbsup :thumbsup

    I love it.. :love
  28. trekkieb47

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    Freakin' Amazing.


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