3D printing


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Hi everyone, i've been lurking the forums for a while now and finally got the guts to post.

I'm starting to gather everything i can for a Scarlet Spider suit, but i was wondering if anyone else has ever used 3D printing for parts of costumes as i am toying with the idea of having the eye lens made using 3D printing as well as the wrist capsules.

I contacted a company not far from where i live who do 3D printing and the guy said the prints are rigid but if they are heated using water they will reshape to fit what ever they are going to be put on to but i wanted to get some feed back from you guys on here before i start throwing wads of cash at him to make the parts.


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I have done a few green lantern rings and such but I've never tried reshaping anything under hot water before. I usually go through shapeways.


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I'm still waiting for the final price on the eye lens from 3D creation lab so fingers crossed that the stuff they use will be able to be manipulated to fit the mask.


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If money is not of relevance, then go for it. Other than that I´d go with more conservative methods for creating those (rather simple) eye pieces. Look around and see what a lot of people have made from toilet paper rolls, paper, elmers glue, spackle or dry wall compound and a little sanding, paint and sealer.

Or even better, foam and resin.

The risk of messing up the printed parts (which sure will cost you around 30-40 Euros a piece, I´d guess) is not small.