DRDINGBOBBLE's semi-budget Darth Vader build


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I started on a Darth Vader build a couple of weeks ago on a "smaller" budget for a typical Darth Vader cosplay. However, I do have some questions about the process


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Thus far, I've 3D printed the belt boxes and most of the shin armor. I say "most of" since I ran out of filament after printing the right shin's lower half. I've also recently picked up the new Black Series Darth Vader helmet since it looks nice and it's relatively affordable.


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I have one MASSIVE question that I really need help with. It's the main reason I made this thread. I am a rather large person, vertically speaking, I wear a size US 15 shoe. I cannot find any boots for the life of me that would look right and fit me, so does anyone know if there are some large boots out there that'd look right for Darth Vader?

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