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So I am working on a sculpt of a skin and wanted to ask.... If I could use caulk to make the mold, and if I can would I need to use release agent so the modeling clay wont stick to the mold? And also could I use a thin layer of caulk to make the skin in the caulk mold without having it stick together? Or is there a better cost efficient way of doing this? as I cant afford a few gallons of latex.


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well i sculpted a mask out of Chavant NSP and then sprayed it with krylon clear coat. used the caulking tube method and the mold came off clean.

as far as putting the caulk silicone in a caulk silicone mold..... i don't know i would be scared of it becoming one glob of silicone.

if you want a caulk silicone cast, i suggest making your mold out of plasti paste ....... maybe rondo would work.... idk though.


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Ok so I got the 2 different types of caulk, I got a clear silicone, and the other one is a latex based... Lets's see how it works. Pics will be up of the entire process by monday hopefully! Thank you XDMRAY
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