2022 Kenobi Series Lightsaber Screen Caps SPOILERS


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Post-buyout LFL seems to seriously misunderstand what lightsabers are. I recall one part in Ep. 4 of Kenobi where Obi-Wan whacks a Stormtrooper with the blade multiple times in the chest before the trooper goes down. He should have been sliced in two on the first swing.
The lightsaber is a glorified baseball bat...in ROTJ on Jabba's Sail Barge. Luke's hacking through people and they're just falling down or off the side of the skiffs. Vader took a few direct hits in the OT without being sliced in half too.

If it bothers you that much just imagine Obi-Wan turned the power setting down on his saber so that little Leia wouldn't have to witness complete dismemberment on top of the threat of being tortured.


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Lol yea, some of that in the 80s was just the ability to make special effects, or lack therof. In the prequels they seemed to show more abilities of sabers, but they kept the same sort of properties. In a way


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I knew they were Master Replicas from the moment I seen them. I was actually sent some behind-the-scenes photos taken on set from a friend that works in the industry while the show was still in production, and I could already tell back then they were using MR sabers. Likely the same ones that were often on display at Skywalker Ranch.

Months later promotional material started showing the exact same props from the behind-the-scenes photos that I have. Then once the show actually released it was confirmed they were in fact not just promo hilts but the actual hero props themselves.
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View attachment 1591655 View attachment 1591656 View attachment 1591657

I spent bit of time drawing up the Long Stunt saber that Saberz posted about. What do you all think of the model? Anything that seems off?

I think there were at least two versions of the Long stunt. One with a thick neck and big thick grip rings,
View attachment 1591658
and one with a thinner neck and a more pineapple grenade grip, al la the hero prop
View attachment 1591659
View attachment 1591660
Looking at this angle the stunt has a super long “clamp” section compared to the model.


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It's interesting to hear her say "This was designed to be exactly like his hero lightsaber from the prequels" given what we know about the prop (or at least what we heavily suspect.) Not holding that against her or anything, entirely possible she doesn't know much about it's creation/origin and is only showing them off, or she knows all about it and is just summarizing for the sake of a short segment.
I guess that statement is also true (from a certain point of view)

I just wanted her to rotate the lightsaber a liiiitle bit to see those buttons dang it. Wanted to see if the cog/gear greeblie had thinner teeth like some have speculated one of the props has. This is the best look we've gotten of it so far, it's a shame we couldn't get a more complete look at it.


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Those who are familiar with the Ep 3 saber or MR replicas.. is this Grenade the same? Seems thicker or the grooves shallower… or the cubes flatter.. and I notice blackening around the bottom of the neck, thin copper groove

Thank you for the reference! I have to admit… I like this version.

Anakin Starkiller

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My version, based on the belt hanger shown at Celebration, is available here to anyone who wants it

Also. I should have mentioned. Roy of wannawanga.com helped with the grenade. So, if you use the model, make sure to give him a thank you as well.
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