2006 Blaster Builders Club Custom Blaster Contest

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by fried mon calamari, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. fried mon calamari

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    Well, the summer is upon us and it's time once again for the

    3rd Annual Blaster Builders Club Custom Blaster Contest </span>
    and it is about to get underway.


    This year it'll run from June 1st through Sept 3rd, followed by a voting period, no chads allowed. ;) :D

    Time to crank up the old creative juices, swing over, read up on the rules and then make that blaster you've had rolling around in your head all year.

    Here's last year's winning build- Made by pulseriflefan and it was amazing.

    <span style="color:red">Entry #7 built by Pulseriflefan - FIRST PLACE


    Everyone had a great time building these the last few years and the entries have been incredible.

    If you've checked it out or done this before, the rules are basically the same, but the gist of the contest is a challenge to take a toy gun and modify it into a custom blaster of your own design using any and all means necessary. Style and vision are all open to personal interpretation as long as it's not a replica of any existing blaster.

    There is an array of prizes from Kapowwe toy and Airsoft guns, John Shields/Blast-tech-some of the best conversion kit pieces and service out there, as well as some various tools and a shiny new Badger Airbrush kit to help sweeten the pot.

    Knowing the skills of many of the builders here, we thought this contest would be right of the alley for some. :D
  2. wuher da brewer

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    Just a little bump. The first two entries are up. Contest is open to all BBC forum members. Registration is free. Entries are accepted until September 3, 2006
  3. wolverine solo

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    I get the feeling I'm gonna get roped into this again, oh wait I got half my entry ready and waiting on the rest to arrive.
  4. Darth Lars

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    I feel that I must do something with all the crap that I have laying around, so I might just participate this year. :$
  5. Clone-extra1

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    I recently had a few ideas, and just might enter.
  6. Robot Monster

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    You know I keep looking at this contest and I should toss something together myself. I have tons of junk in my house. Time to brainstorm a bit.

  7. Mr_Creepy

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    The more, the merrier...and some great prizes to boot. :thumbsup

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