1939 Buck Rogers Spaceship


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My current hobby is building model rockets. My Space Ark came out great and am now starting my next project: Buck Rogers Spaceship from the 1939 serial. I've been able to capture a good side view but not front and rear images. Can't find and images of the actual props either. This will be a challenge.


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This is one I've looked at myself. I just spent way too long looking for the screenshots I know I took, but.... No idea where they went.

Just went and looked again for some I knew were there, though, and found some limited views around it. If you look at
from 2:08:58 and go through the next three minutes slowly and screenshot it you will get glimpses from the front, rear, and even a poor, silhouette image of the ship turning around overhead. Of course, you also have the (clearly minimal, always close-up) outside doorway set piece, and the interior sets, which can give you an idea of what it's supposed to look like, and of the scale. How well the sets match the model on a show like this is always a question, though.


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There are a couple more dim but useful views at the end of the crawl at 3:39:00 and a view of the ship turning around right after it, which is repeated several times (not quite identically - I think they actually filmed it for a little while) afterwards through the episode.
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