1408 Dolphin Hotel Paper Props Thread!


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Ceebrupt - it looks pretty good, except the neck is too long.

Here are some basic measurements of the bottle to guide everyone on the hunt:
Cognac Bottle Measurements.png

When I was on the hunt, I had the photo of the bottle in my phone, but also I used an app that have a ruler which helped to pick the closest bottles in shape and dimension. So far the whiskey one is the closest, but I wouldn't rule out other drinking bottles (be it alcohol or not).

And I managed to print out the neck label and put it on the bottle; I also found some removable cork, but I'll have to construct the upper lip:
20221111_191522.jpg 20221111_191536.jpg

But why stope here? I also printed the label on a glossy gold metallic vinyl for a luxurious variant of the bottle:

20221111_191640.jpg 20221111_191648.jpg 20221111_191655.jpg 20221111_191702.jpg

20221111_191619.jpg 20221111_191624.jpg 20221111_191630.jpg
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This might be of help in identifying the bottle. I won't have the time until Sunday to give it a browse unfortunately due to work and working a Saturday. The archive link is a 4th Edition, and the current one is an 8th addition though.

I've also sent pics to a friend who is a collector of spirits to see if it looks familiar to her.

Hopefully we'll identify it.

(To me, it reminds me of an old Irish whisky bottle called "Powers", or has the shape of the old Hennessy Cognac bottle - same cork etc)


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Finally took some time to work on the envelope that RafalFett made and kindly shared (tried to find an already existing envelope but once I could not find one had to make it :))

envelope final-2b.jpg envelope final-3b.jpg envelope final-1.jpg


envelope screenshot.jpg
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This thread might be a good enough reason to buy booze, but drink responsibly.

Probably the last bottle bought in hunt for the accurate bottle and cork:
20221117_171708.jpg 20221117_171720.jpg

Shape vise it looks pretty good, it's between the whiskey and the rum bottle.

I removed the sigil on the cap and lo and behold, what we have here:

A pretty lip and a great cork! I had to add the labels to this bottle too:
20221118_195443.jpg 20221118_195451.jpg 20221118_195456.jpg 20221118_195501.jpg 20221118_195504.jpg 20221118_195509.jpg

And I had to put the cork in the other bottles too:
20221118_195635.jpg 20221118_195703.jpg

And finally, the 3 amigos:

You can see a 1st attempt at making an accurate cork on the left bottle, but this new find will put me at ease.


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All we need now is to order the wallpaper from the spoonflower website, and we'll all have a 1408 room!

Is this another (re)quest?

Dolphin Hotel Wallpaper.png

I only found 2 images of the chrysanthemum, which was designed by design house Zoffany and they took inspiration from Asian art, most likely Chinese.

The 1st image was found on a wallpaper site called wallpaper.dog (you'll have to scroll down a bit to find the image ==> Cream Wallpapers on WallpaperDog):

The other photo I found is from eBay and the fabric is named Zoffany Macao:
s-l1600 (7).jpg

While doing this research I realized that the wallpaper pattern is in fact related with Mike's deceased daughter, more exactly her dress had the same flower, but with vivid colors:

Dolphin Hotel Dress.png

And finally, here's the wallpaper pattern with transparent background (the pattern measures 530 x 530 mm and this includes the transparent background too):
Dolphin Hotel Wallpaper Pattern.png

Have fun!
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Thanks a lot for your research RafalFett. (y)(y)
Guess that pretty much completes it all (except for the file of course)
Had never noticed Mike's deceased daughter dress detail. Well spotted!

Here's 2 screencaps from the room

wallpaper-1.jpg wallpaper-2.jpg
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Oh. So that's why he was duck and covering and running for the door. The evil room was projecting images of flowers falling on him.



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Youre Funny Season 5 GIF by The Office

Yeah, he does not like warm welcomes.


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Great job man! Especially identifying that the the nightgown having the same pattern! Remarkable!

Guess we're all heading to Oasis' 1408 screening when he redecorates his home theatre or guest bedroom!


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Thanks, Odin! I might have a couple of things in my sleeve, but for now I'll post 2 photos of the evacuation and no escape maps, as I managed to buy some pretty cheap frames (I'll post more in the John Wick and Contact threads):
20221127_152913.jpg 20221127_152930.jpg

The size of the frame was not a perfect fit, but I modified the layout and now it fits like a glove.


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5 Room Air BNB.... one is 1408 (with time set radio playing "It's only just begun") .... what should the other rooms be?

Other than room 237 of course.
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