sonic screwdriver

  1. OZH

    Wand Company 10th Doctor Sonic button assembly?

    Hi all, the button assembly on my 10th Doctor sonic remote is shot to hell, does anyone know if/how I can get replacement parts for it? Cheers
  2. johnny5676

    10th Doctor Sonic

    Good morning everyone (it's morning in my time zone) I have decided to undertake the modelling and making the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver. To start off with, I have the wand company universal remote which is fairly accurate. During my rewatch of the show in preparation for the 60th, I...
  3. 13doctorwho

    Original Sonic Screwdriver Concept Art

    I have been obsessed with the Sonic Screwdriver since the first time I saw it!! I've built and bought tons of replicas of the ones from the show, but what I've always really want was to design my own. Every few years I give it a try. I usually pick one and build it, but I'm never completely...
  4. DangerIndustry

    Sonic blaster (2005 prop)

    Hello! Long time lurker first time poster, if any of you are on the Instagram you might have seen my sonic screwdriver replicas of various types. I'm sure at i'll be posting about those at some point too. After kicking around in my workshop and making a concept sonic by the incomparable...
  5. Galifreyscall

    Sonic screwdriver lens?

    I've been modeling my own RTD era sonic, and I've hit a roadblock at the lens. Are they an off the shelf part, or are they custom cast? I've seen some makers use lenses like this: but they seem to be way too tall compared to the onscreen prop. Nothing I've ever found has compared to the two...
  6. RoccatiDaniele

    River Song's Sonic Screwdriver

    Hi everyone! Last week I started to make a River Song's Sonic Screwdriver metal replica. This is my first time using the lathe and the milling machine but I think it is turning out great. I'll update this thread once I'll have significant updates, hope you all like it!
  7. C

    Sonic lipstick replica

    Hi, I have had a sonic lipstick replica made from some prop maker in the USA however he cannot fix this, I am just wondering if there is anyone out there willing to make/repair my replica The replica is the Estée Lauder case with the sound card from the character option toy version of the sonic...
  8. Kobeque

    Custom Sonic Screwdriver, 10th Doctor Inspired

    Hi all, this is just another quick one day build from me, this time a custom sonic screwdriver, very loosely based on David Tennant's screwdriver from his run as the 10th Doctor. I wanted a nice metal replica of this prop, but after seeing the price tag on those I decided I better make one...
  9. RoccatiDaniele

    8th Doctor 1996 Sonic Screwdriver Replica

    Hi everyone! After seeing one of the originals sonic screwdrivers from the 1996 movie at the Prop Store auction I decided to make a replica. Here you can see some photos of the 3D model made in Fusion 360 and then the turned aluminium version. Now I'm going to cut in half the "bullet" tip and...
  10. Sybernettik

    Done / Completed Tenth Doctor Who David Tennant Sonic Screwdriver Replica Kit

    Hello everyone! I recently designed a David Tennant Sonic Screwdriver and had one machined in aluminium. The parts turned out great and gathered a lot of interest on my build thread, so I have decided to start a run. The sonic will be sold as a kit of parts priced at £250 + shipping. I may also...
  11. J

    sonic screwdriver sound

    hi, does anybody know where i can find the sounds for the 9th/10th and 11th sonic screwdriver sounds using the Arduino system thanks in advance
  12. Sybernettik

    Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Replica Build

    Hi all, I am a new member of therpf. I have recently begun designing and building a David Tennant sonic screwdriver. this thread will serve as both a build log and a platform to see what others think. I have always wanted to build a fully accurate metal version of this sonic screwdriver, and I...
  13. N

    Anybody know what sound chip Nick Robatto uses in his Fourth Doctor sonic?

    I just recently got a custom classic sonic from Russ at RB, and I know he doesn't like do deal with the electronics much anymore. Looking to maybe install my own soundchip. Does anyone know what the setup is on the Rubbertoe Fourth Doctor sonic?
  14. erv

    11th doctor screwdriver retrofit (w/ new electronics)

    Greetings, long time no post :-) Long story short, 3 years ago I gave a shot to the build of a sonic screwdriver board, as I got solicited for this several times and found it would be a good challenge to see how small I could make a sound board with extended electronics, including a motion...
  15. Galaxydefender

    Has anyone ever used Rubbertoe?

    I was intrigued to learn that they actually offer payment plans, and im interested to know what that means and how they break it down. Has anyone ever done this, or have any expereince? I have emailed them, but i appreciate they are very busy with all things DW
  16. LeoCor Replicas

    Doctor Who TV Movie prop help

    I'm currently writing a book detailing the history and impact of the FOX 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, and I'm trying to track down as much info as I can. One portion of interest is the props used in the movie. I know about the screwdriver and the TARDIS key being made by 800-TREKKER and Iguana...
  17. Morelock

    War Doctors Sonic

    Having watched the 50th anniversary special this afternoon there's something that has never struck me before about the War Doctors Sonic. Why did the production team adapt a CO Baker Sonic when surely it should have been a McGann version as a transition Sonic for Hurts Doctor? Maybe I'm biased...