1:6 scale slimer WIP


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This is the first of three Slimer's that Im going to be sculpting over the next couple of months.
Im gonna make some copies of this one for friends so the arms and base will be sculpted separately to make it easier to cast.

Its based on the unused drinking Slimer face , I always thought it was a shame that it didn't appear in the movie.



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I think that was the problem with the whole movie in general.
Dont get me wrong I still really like GB2 but they seemed to be far too concerned about making it more apealing for the kids.


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I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on this lately but I managed to get one of the arms finished today so at least thats something :)

I tried to make the arm connect to the socket as seamlessly as I could but the cast resin parts will still need some minor filling for a completely seamless finish.

Hopefully I'll be able to complete the other arm and the base within the the next few days then I'll be ordering some supplies to make a set of molds and start churning these out.

Sorry for the crappy shots, my batteries died before I could get anything decent.
I'll take some better pics soon.


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Yup, got it in one :)
I'll be including the glass bottles along with the kit, it isn't much more expensive than casting them so why not have the real deal ?


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I completed the right arm, re-did the socket on the left arm and finished the stand tonight, Heres some pics.


I know the stand looks kinda weird right now, Its going to be cast in a deep red translucent resin to simulate flowing red wine ( hopefully :p )


Im going to order some supplies next week to make a set of molds then make a couple of test pulls so I'll post the progress pics from that when I have them.


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I pulled a test cast of the body today and it came out pretty nice :)


There are a few blemishes on the underside and the excess resin left by the pour spout but thats easily removed and the blemishes are easily fixed with an air vent.
The cast came out surprisingly clean with only about 1/12 inch of flash on one side but it was so minimal that I was able to remove it with my fingernail.



Im pretty happy with it considering its the first test pull but with a few small tweaks it should be even better :) .

Im waiting on another order of silicone to make molds for the arms and stand which should be here tomorrow so I'll pull some parts from those asap and assuming everything goes well it should be ready to go within the next few weeks depending on funds.


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Heres the first pull from the wine stand mold.
It isn't as clear as it should be due to some contamination.
I stupidly used the wrong mixing stick and didn't notice until it was too late.
But it should give you a good idea of what the finished article will look like.

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