1/6 Scale Falcon Nav Chair


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Hi all,
I wanted to show a recently completed project. This is a 1/6 scale Falcon nav/engineering chair. It's from a 3D printed kit offered by Jack2155.

I got the chair as a more detailed replacement for the one that came with my Jazzinc Dioramas engineering station.


It's a really nice kit! There are 35 3D printed resin parts and about 8 laser cut plyboard pieces.


The parts come unprepped and still attached to the printed supports, but cleanup is pretty straightforward. It just takes a little time.


Jack2155 supplied a selection of "exploded view" images to show how everything goes together, and construction went pretty quickly.


I based everything in black primer, then hit it with some silver. I sprayed it with hairspray as a chipping medium, then airbrushed a couple light coats of flat black. I used some water, a soft brush, and a toothpick to do the paint chipping. Here are a couple of examples.

20230225_075746.jpg 20230225_075622.jpg

I painted the narrow tube sections in NATO black to provide a little contrast from the frame. I did the tan cushions in a mix of Vallejo acrylics, then dirtied them up with pigment powders.

I made two mods to the stock kit. I cut a piece of thin styrene to cover the silver frame on the back of the chair. Even with some sanding, some wood grain showed through.


I also used a pair of rare earth magnets to make the "bowl" on the top removable. The chairs in the Falcon's cockpit don't have these, but the chair in the cargo hold does.


All in all, a fun project! This kit builds up into a much more accurate looking chair than the molded rubber one from Jazzinc. If you're looking for some cool 1/6 accessories for your Star Wars collection, I highly recommend snagging one of these kits! Thanks for looking.
The kit also includes an engineering stool. It's the one that Obi-Wan is sitting on when he's training Luke on the way to Alderaan.
I just gave it a coat of Tamiya Light Gray. If I do any weathering it will be very light.

20230225_140759.jpg 20230225_141113.jpg

It's a nicely detailed piece! I did wind up replacing the thin 3D printed vertical brace in front. Once I separated it from the supports it had a warp that I couldn't get rid of. I replaced it with a length of styrene tube that I bent into shape.

Just for comparison, here's the stool that came with the Jazzinc engineering station.


It's pretty beefy!

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