1:4 scale American Werewolf in London


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I've decided to try my hand at a new project idea which came to me yesterday, a 1:4 scale wolf from 'An American Werewolf in London'.

I want this to be a 'mixed media' kind of deal, mostly resin but with real fur hand layed onto the body.

I started with making a basic armature and am currently building up the body:


There is still a way to go until the muscles and proportions are correct to the screen used wolf puppet.

Once the body is finished, I'll be sculpting the paws and head seperately and casting them in resin.

At 1:4 scale, this is already looking big. I'm hoping it will make a nice display piece for my collection.

Ignore the temporary head - it's an egg cup shaped like a car which just happens to be the right size, looks a bit like a transformer-wolf at the moment.:lol It's just to help out with the body proportions as I sculpt.
I've had the pleasure of 'petting' the real one over at Bob Burns' place - amazing work on that piece. It has Gold eyes, so make sure you get some reference on those to match.

Good luck!
That little big boy is looking nice so far. Nice transformation from egg car cup to its new head :). I'll be watching this thread anxiously for more updates!
Thanks handler.

Last pic of the day, a bit more work on the body proportions. I think that this is heading in a good direction now. I'm looking forward to sculpting the lower legs/paws and adding detail to the body and head:

Hi all

I finished off the body form today and added the basic coat of fur - there's much more fur to be added later of course, with some colour variations especially around the lower legs and the 'mane' area around the neck and head.

Also mocked up some paws with super sculpey, these will have to be resculpted as I have a better idea of pose and position now. Consider them placeholders.

Finally, I've started to add some detail to the head. It's still very rough as I ran out of time tonight (work tomorrow!) but I'm looking forward to working on that tomorrow night:


I've started to think about ideas for a display base but nothing is jumping out at me. I did consider trying to make the floor of the london tube, but that might be a bit dull? Anyone got any ideas for a display base?


There's a ton I still need to change the more I look at it!

I bought a length of good quality fake fur from a local craft warehouse for the basic coat, then glued and sewed it onto the armature/body sculpt.

I've got a bag of yak fur (actually called werewolf fur by the company!) from NFT which I'll use to add the mane and so on.
A little bit more progress. The stance has been fixed and the four legs are finished, but only temporarily taped into position for now:


Now to work on the head.

I'm still thinking about a themed display base, but no inspiration yet. Any ideas?
How about the street outside the porn theater with the busted metal storm door behind it? that's a pretty iconic scene when he comes tearing out and rips off the police commanders head.
Been working hard on the head details. This is the first 1:4 piece I have sculpted. And it is a lot trickier than lifesize for my skill set.

But I'm happy with how it's turning out, new pics soon.
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