1:1 Lifesize Darth Maul Statue...NEW POSE!


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Well, I finally got my 1:1 Maul completed. I've lost track but this thing has been in the works for almost 5 years. You guys know how these things can drag out. :)

Cyberman bust painted by Bjorn.

The clothing is from a 1999 Pepsi Maul statue that is believed to be very screen accurate from what I've read. Frank Thomas Titan boots. Custom outer robe made by a member here years ago.

I'll get better pics soon. I'll also include some pics of the custom mannequin thats been hacked and slashed to make this all work. I also made custom hands and arms to have the option of multiple poses. Regular mannequin hands and arms are mostly garbage when it comes to replicating life like poses.

I'm real happy with him so far. Only minor tweaks to go.

Feedback and pose ideas are welcome!


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Re: 1:1 Lifesize Darth Maul Statue...

Fantastic build, curious as to how the rest of it looks without the robe and the hood on.
Re: 1:1 Lifesize Darth Maul Statue...

A few new pics of an "arms folded" pose.

I've also included a couple pics of the mannequin and arms. I found these PVC joints here...


I used them for the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. They allowed me to have a full range of movement in the arms and hands, which is very important to get poses just right. They work pretty good, it's just a matter of getting the other PVC "bones" (forearm, upper arm) cut to the right length. It's kind of trial and error and measuring my own arms. :)

You can see by the pics that I used a conventional fiberglass mannequin but cut the head and shoulders off to accommodate the bust, that I just duct taped on. The arms were made with a simple "T" structure that goes into the torso and the arms comes out from that.

I'm learning that it doesn't have to be pretty underneath the clothes, it just needs to look right when you're done. I think I'm pretty close. This guy is hard to photograph, but I'm pretty happy with the arm pose. I do probably need to add some "meat" to his back and shoulders, but from the front he looks pretty good.



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Wow that is really cool! Those joints are a GENIUS idea! Bookmarked!

Yeah, they really are great. Before I found them I used regular PVC angled joints but they were SO limiting.

These things are "ratcheted" so you can tighten or loosen them to that "just right" firmness that allows you to make arm adjustments that will STAY in place.

"All joints now feature a locking insert that allows them to be tightened using only one hand/one tool instead of two.

They also now contain a set of fine locking teeth on the mating surface that give the joints the ability to lock and hold their position even under increased loads."

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