1:1 Hellboy bust finished

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Lord of the props, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Lord of the props

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    I just wanted to share some pictures of the Hellboy bust that I finished for
    Well pade killer on this forum. It´s been sculpted by Chewie15, great job.

    The eyes, was actually a pair of expensive blue human glass eyes that I painted with airbrush and
    with pencil, and I must say it turned out pretty nice I think.
    You must think I am stupid, that I painted the pair of $80 blue glass eyes.
    Matt didn´t want them human, he wanted it to be yellow looking.

    When I had painted them, I put a thick layer of epoxy glue so it looks like glass ;)

    What do you think Matt?

  2. Simmon M

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    What a fantastic paint job Bjorn. Those eyes look so real that it's scary.
  3. KevVader

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    *. :eek ...when you can see the pores of the skin and they are convincing, y'know it's a helluva sculpt. Nice paintwork too.... :thumbsup
  4. streetjudge79

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    Bjorn, you are really kicking butt with your paint work lately
  5. Nexus6

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    I'm speechless. I have NO speech.
  6. Clutch

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    NICE eyes.
  7. well paid killer

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    Really turned out great Bjorn, your paint ups just keep getting better and better. I think the blending of the hair onto the face is one thing that really stands out on this one. The way you did it really makes the hair appear real. The eyes turned out really nice as well. I think the pupils look a bit large but it still works with the display... Thanks so much for the great work.
  8. RoCKo

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    :eek awesome, man.

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