Zaphod BeebleBrox Thinking Cap Costume


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Hi everyone.

I'm trying not to panic but i've been sick with fever for some time and then my costume just hit me. I've been playing movies and I want to re-create the last half of the Movie's Zaphod BeebleBrox, w/ lemon squeezed thinking cap.

But i have zero experience in arts/crafts/modeling.

I've asked other their input and the two top ideas, albeit ridiculous and cheap are
-Paper Mache

Now, this helmet isn't fancy, doesn't have great detail but to not give it my best would be a failure. Do I have time to make this helmet with little experience within 20 days? Do i have thrift stores within my location that would have some of these items that I could change/alter?

I don't know and I need help.
Help save the Galaxy!

Love and Kisses,

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