You're TERMINATED! Third time's the charm!


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This is the third Fettster Terminator I painted. This one is going to a member in Germany. He wanted the T-2 t-shirt on the bust, so don't get on me for an inaccurate shirt! LOL! I actually like this better than my personal bust.
Hope you guys like it too.










That's the droid I am looking for!! :) I couldn't get an accurate turtleneck in time and tbh I didn't care too much, the way the shirt looks makes it even more real imho, great work steve!
The detail is amazing. The pours and wrinkles of the skin look insane. The only part that throws it off a little is the eyebrow, but that may just be the lighting.
so nice!!!!!!!!! very well done. what chrome paint are you using?? the chrome your bust is not near as shiny as the other one. or is that just a glitch in the picture??
No, I weathered my endo so it's not shiny new. It's the same paint as Alex's bust. I left his clean to really show the chrome work. I might remove the weathering on mine, I like the cleaner look better. Mine is too dull I think. It's alclad paint.
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