Yoda Skin Tone


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I'm hoping some of you guys can help me with this - I've been experimenting for the last couple of days, on and off, with mixing a basecoat / adding a wash for a new life sized Yoda I am making, based around Howard's amazing Yoda head casting.

Last year, I restored and painted an Illusive Yoda, the result of which I was quite pleased with, however as I am attempting to make this new version as good as I can possibly make it, within my budget and talents, I'd love to have an idiots guide to painting his skin for that spot-on green colour and translucency.

I must have tried 10 different shades of green so far on the hands and feet - not happy with any of them yet.

I'm using artists acrylics for the hands and feet, currently trying to mix using sage green, white, burnt sienna and black but It's just not quite there yet...

Any and all help gladly appreciated.