Yip Yip Martians


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Well, my wife really wanted to do the Yip Yip martians for Halloween. I actually like the design of the puppets. While making these I really wanted to capture some of the proportions of the real Yip Yips but enlarge enough for use to fit in them.
Unlike the Yip Yip you see all over the internet, Ours have a hat glued in with a hot wheels track piece covered in batting to give the mouth a flexable shape, I added a T to the center front and we have a stick to control the mouth like the real puppets. We also found close colors and swirl chenille fabric like the real ones.
Hope you like it.
We did about 3 parties and a bike ride with these on.

I forgot to add my wife made replica Martian tour books like on the show.


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Great job! I've thought before about doing those costumes for Dragon*Con and going up to various celebrities and mis-identifying them as other people. Could be a lot of fun.


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Am I the only one who thought that was a TARDIS in the background for a brief second as I flipped through the pics? :) :lol


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There was a TARDIS in the background at one of the parties, infact the swing dance party we went to had a lot nice costumes, though since we are in LA it seems like some are rented. At one place we went to a Bride of Beetlejuice and Beetle Juice in Tux won the couples contest, I should have gotten pics of those. There was a a set of the Disney villians and the Green Hornet a Kato
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The bike ride was the Tour De Fat for Fat Tire Brewery, Since it was a week earlier than last year, about Oct 8th, not a lot of people had costumes, but it is supposed to be a costumed event. There may be video floating around, I'll have to check.
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