Yelenas Hawkeye Vest Build


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Hello everyone! I just finished Yelenas new vest from the Hawkeye series and I wanted to share the build process with you!

So the fabrics that I used were faux leather, scuba knit, brown cotton and polyester broadcloth

I of course started with making the pattern, I used my duct tape mannequin and a ton of reference images and drafted a pattern. I then made a muslin mockup

This design has a crazy amount of angles and it was super difficult but I pushed through and got the main shell done. (the bulging on the back is mostly corrected when Im wearing it.

For the trim that is on either side of the zipper I used brown cotton and painted half of it with blue fabric paint. (this trim ended up being a little thicker than I would have liked but I can easily fix it)

The shoulder pieces are just the scuba knit fabric with a leather bias trim

There is also a center back leather piece that is topstitched on

I put in a lining, collar, zipper, and bias tape on the arm holes and I was done!


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