Build Infinity Gauntlet - Fanhome Subscription kit

Well I just finished the delorean a few months ago.... It's honestly pretty nice looking but when calculated out it's looking to be about $1600 all said and done and take 2 years.... I will keep my eyes on the reviews.
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Ha, I signed up for this on a whim after seeing a sponsored ad. We’ll see if I end up regretting it :p

If it’s as good as it looks in the promo material, it should be amazing. And building it myself, combined with paying for it over a spread out period of time will increase the satisfaction and soften the blow to my bank account, ha.
So, I just received my first box today.

My first thought looking at the pieces included: "Holy &$%! This is going to be huge!"

My second thought: "Holy &$%! I'll have spent over $1300 on this by the time it's done!"

Looks cool though. Will deifnitely be a test of patience over the next 2-ish years. o_O

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