Rocket Raccoon Vol. 3 Replica Build


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This project has been on my to do list for years. I have been low key looking for the right base parts for ages and I finally found the components that were good enough for me to get going.

Obviously, I wanted a good raccoon plush to build this from and that was the real sticking point. I finally found this puppet four weeks ago and decided now was the time.
Now obviously this guy doesn’t look too much like Rocket but its a starting point.




I used the Nova Corps prisoner line up as a scale reference for the body. Obviously the head size also had to be taken into consideration but it turns out the puppet head was a pretty good scale.





Decided to take a break from Rocket and think about what gun he’d be packing. I didn’t feel up to making a 100% accurate weapon as I planned to have it more as an accent piece I’d magnetised to his back. For that reason I built it out of mostly foam so it would be very light and wouldn’t over balance Rocket. I put a metal plate in Rockets back and a strong magnet in the butt of the rifle.



Added some volume to Rocket’s cheeks by sewing some white fur and found some hands and boots that would work really well on this Batman figure. It was at this point I decided to do his Volume 3 look. It meant the only fur visible would be his head and would cut down on some headaches making bare hands and feet.



Bit of a jump here. Didn’t have a pattern just went off reference pictures and didn’t go into it with the intention of being 100% accurate. I wanted it to look close enough.

Very happy with the final piece. There are some things that I will be tweaking. I want a sculpted nose and some whiskers and maybe a little weathering on the uniform but for now I just very pleased with the results. I’m a little surprised that there aren’t more replica Rockets. I see many costumes and someone did a real taxidermy version but other than those it’s just statues and he makes for such a fun mixed media project.

Thanks for looking. Happy to answer any questions.

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