X3 Wolverines Leather Jacket


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I noticed last night in the teaser to X3 that Wolverines leather jacket has changed. It no longer has the three gold rings around the arm but now only 2 and a black band. They also seem to be higher. I only bring this up because I was a huge fan of the first leather jacket and always wanted to get a weathered one from the original makers.

I posted some pics if you are interested.




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What's with his hair in the second pic? He looks like he just woke up.

I do like this jacket as well but that shirt he is wearing is awful.

Minder Thr33

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I think I like the first movie jacket the best. Why don't they just reuse the jackets from the previous movies? It's not like he's Indiana Jones and the jacket is part of the action. So it's possible that there are a few spare jackets lying around.


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That black arm band looks to have a blueish hue to it. Maybe it's the lighting. <shrugs> Nice jacket though & you're right about that second shirt goat. :eek:


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The very plausible theory to the ever-changing jacket design from film to film is that there are different costumers/makers who are employed to design and create his jacket, and each time it's different because the maker wants to add that personal touch to add to their resume/portfolio. From a professional standpoint on their end, it makes perfect sense, as I would do the same thing in a heart beat. But for continuity, common sense and fanboy stand point it makes little sense. But no one ever said Fox was out to tend to us 100%.

The maker of this jacket is Original Leather factory from Canada, and Milos used Bates X2 jacket design for inspiration for his. These are still actually sold through filmjackets.com, and are complete custom orders. Everything for Hugh's screen worn jacket is replicated from the hardware to fit to the cream and candy blue stripes on the sleeves and sleeve gussets ar retained on the jacket that would arrive at your door.

Here's the thread:


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I don't know what it is about this jacket, perhaps you designer guys or hardcore biker jacket specs fans can tell me, but something about the fit of this jacket just doesn't "sit" right with me (get it? lol). It just looks "lazy" to me. Is it the material the jacket is made of that changes the "look" of the wearer? What I mean is, when Hugh wears this jacket, he doesn't look nearly as "buff' as he does in the first movie. Even though he was much bigger muscular-wise here than in X-1. I'm thinking it has something to do with all the layering in the first film's outfit (leather jacket over denim jacket over flannel shirt over tanktop), whereas in the pics here he's just wearing a shirt over a tanktop. Another thing about the fit of the X-3 jacket that I don't like is, judging by how much of his chest is visible, I get the impression that he couldn't even zipper it up if he wanted to because of the way it fits on him. His chest is too big for it. Even in X-2, the jacket had a "skinny" look compared to the first one.

Well either way, X-1 for me, all the way.


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I think you're seeing the slouched shoulder seams as opposed to more fitted moto jackets. The jacket zipped up just fine on Hugh, they made sure of that. It was custom sized for him in pre-production. I'm also pretty sure he had room to zip it up with that hoodie he wore in the middle of the movie. However in one of the deleted scenes he did not have room to zip it up while wearing the Carhartt Arctic down vest underneath when he walked into the Alberta bar to grab a beer and meet his favorite gun toting bar keep. ;)


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You sir must be the world's foremost authority on Wolverine's many leather jackets :)

I'll bet you're excited for 'The Wolverine' whenever they find a director and get it going.


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Well it is discussed in depth over at FJ.com as well as many other jackets and gear. So alot of this is shared knowledge. I only retain the usless stuff. :lol
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