X-Wing Model Kits?


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Hey all,

I thought this would be a fun project. I was wondering if anyone could recomend a model of the X wing?

Im wanting to add lights etc to it. I found a couple at a show, one was $7 and the other was $10. The $10 one appeared to be a bit larger and I think the other came with a film still or something.



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At present the most accurate plastic model for the X-Wing is the Fine Molds. It is pretty small but can have some lighting if you are patient.

You can go with re-issue of the old AMT/Ertl kit as well. They are bigger, but will require some re-work to make them accurate. There is a pro shop version of this kit that is slightly better.

If you want the best of the best you cannot go wrong with the Salzo/Captain Cardboard X-Wing but they can be pricey to some.

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In the near future, starshipmedeler is going to be offering new parts for the classic Xwing model. A new fuselage as well as parts for the wings and replacment engines.